Nespresso Instructions

Here at The Cole, you don’t just want regular coffee, you need some fuel to charge you for the day! Enjoy a nice hot espresso, or pour it over ice! Nespresso has you covered

  • Step 1 – Add cold water to the clear tank by lifting up and out
  • Step 2 – Replace water tank by setting it into place straight down
  • Step 3 – Grab your Nespresso Pod
  • Step 4 – Lift the Pod insert door on top of the Nespresso Machine
  • Step 5 – Drop the Nespresso pod and shut the lid
  • Step 6 – Press the middle “Power” Button
  • Step 7 – Wait for lights to stop flashing blue (If lights are flashing Yellow, you need to add more water)
  • Step 8 – Once lights on machine are solid blue and the machine beeps, your water is ready!
  • Step 9 – Press the left button for a small cup and the right button if you would like a large cup.
  • Step 10 – Wait for the machine to finish dispensing your coffee and it stops dripping


You are now ready to enjoy your espresso and start your beautiful day in Palm Springs! If you would like more coffee, please come to the front desk and we would love to make you some more!

Nespresso Operation