Victrola Bluetooth Radio

Nothing says vacation like a midcentury modern Bluetooth radio. Jam out to your favorite music in style! Don’t forget to light up your room with the dimmable light surrounding the clock, using the touchpad on the top of the device.

Adjust the volume using the dial on the left

Tune to the next station using the right dial and display to navigate the channels. There is an antenna cord connected to the back which you can use to adjust your signal

On the back of the device:
Programming your Bluetooth
  • On the back of the radio, you will find a switch labeled “FT-BT”. Push it to the right to enable the Bluetooth pairing
  • Open your settings on your Bluetooth device and search for nearby Bluetooth.
  • “VC-150” will appear as a nearby Bluetooth and once selected/connected, you will hear a beautiful chime to confirm you are connected.
  • Use your Bluetooth device to control the volume and for added sound, you can adjust the volume using the left dial on the front of the device
Setting your alarm/snoozing your alarm
  • Use the alarm dial on the back to navigate your red hand in the front clock
  • If you need more time to rest, use the touch pad on the top of the radio to snooze your alarm


Are you accustomed to a different time zone and want to keep with it? Go ahead and adjust the clock time using the clock dial on the back of the device